Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a left-handed model Crickett® or Chipmunk®?

Many of our customers contact us wanting to know if we offer any of our rifles in a left-handed model.

Yes, we offer two rifles in a left-handed model.

Chipmunk® Rifle (00001LH) which is available only with a walnut stock and blued barrel.

Crickett Alloy® Model 6061™ (KSA2180LH) which is available only with black chassis and blued barrel.

How do I tell the difference between a Gen 1 and a Gen 2 Crickett®?

Gen 2 comes with:

  • EZ Feed Ramp
  • Studs Installed
  • Scope Mount
  • Trigger Lock
  • Ear & Eye Protection

*Note: Gen 2 are not able to accept the internal safety lock.*

Gen 1:

  • Will not have any of the items included that are listed above.
  • Some may also have an internal safety lock, but not all.

*Note: Gen 1 were made with & without the internal safety lock option.*



At this time, we are only able to ship items within the United States.

When you place an order, orders are generally shipped out within 1-2 business days via USPS or FEDEX depending on the weight and destination of the package. During the Holiday Seasons orders are generally shipped out within 2-4 business days via USPS or FEDEX depending on the weight and destination of the package. Once your order has shipped please allow 7 to 10 business days for arrival.

All expedited orders MUST be placed over the phone. We offer FedEx 2nd Day or Overnight shipping for an extra fee.


To install the sun shade:

  1. Unscrew the front lens retaining ring (finger-tightened only/should remove easily)
  2. Screw the sun shade in place
  3. Screw the retaining ring to the front of the sun shade.


Many of our customers call us to ask about a “missing screw” in their new synthetic Crickett®.

The Crickett® rifle has only one take-down screw located 1.5″ in front of the trigger guard.

The other two “holes” in the forend and buttstock are actually molded in to accept swivel studs.

Gen 2 Crickett® rifles come standard with these swivel studs already installed.


We have replacement keys available in our webstore! You can use this link to go directly to the page and add to your cart!

Crickett® Safety Lock Keys

Do we sell ammo?


What are the differences between the Crickett® and Chipmunk®?

The Chipmunk® comes standard with a metal cocking knob and metal front sight. The Crickett® comes standard with a plastic cocking knob and plastic front sight.

Standard Chipmunk® rifles have a sharper barrel taper than the Crickett®.

The Chipmunk® receiver has a larger opening than the Crickett®.

The standard wooden Chipmunk® has a Monte Carlo style stock.

Chipmunk® Rifles are available in 22LR only and Crickett® Rifles are available in 22LR and 22WMR.

Will a Chipmunk® with a scope fit in the padded Chipmunk® gun case?

The camo and black cases will fit the rifle with a scope mounted. The tan, burgandy and blue cases will not.

What size rings can be used on the Chipmunk®?

Any rings that will attach to a 3/8″ dovetail scope mount will work.

The upgraded Crickettinny rail will also accept any Picatinny style rings.

Are the Crickett® and Chipmunk® accessories/spare parts interchangeable?

Some accessories are interchangeable. For instance, the scope/base and peep sights;   but others are not (stocks, front sights, extractor).

Please give us a call if you have questions about your specific part to make sure you get the correct one.


What kind of sights do we sell?

We have standard fixed front sights, Adjustable rear peep sights, and fiber optic Williams Fire sights.

What kind of ammo can be used in the Crickett® or Chipmunk®?

Always follow manufacturers specifications for the correct ammunition.  Our firearms have the recommended ammunition stamped on each barrel.

Do we sell turret caps?

No, we do not sell turret caps.

What is the best scope for a Crickett® or Chipmunk®?

The Crickett® scope is a 4×32 fixed power scope with a mil dot retical pattern.  Many different scopes will work however the small tube matched with a short eye relief makes the Crickett® scope a perfect match.

Is the Crickett® scope mount required to put a scope on the Crickett® or Chipmunk®?

Yes, our receivers are drilled and tapped to accept our Crickett® scope mount or Crickettinny Rail.



Are the stocks drilled for sling studs?

All Gen 2 Cricketts® and Chipmunks® now come with swivel studs installed (Barracuda and EX not included)

If you have a Gen 1 Crickett® or Chipmunk® wooden model the stock is not pre-drilled. You will have to pre-drill the holes to install swivel studs

If you have a Gen 1 Synthetic Crickett® your stock already had the holes formed in the manufacturing process.

Question not listed?

Please send an email to info@crickett.com and we will get back to you.