Crickett® / Chipmunk® Rifle Scope Mount Kit


The rail utilizes a 3/8″ dovetail mounting system.

When your young marksman is ready to upgrade, pair it up with the KSA054 Crickett® Scope and open a whole new experience of shooting fun.

The KSA031 Scope Mount Kit and KSA054 Crickett® Scope are also compatible with our Chipmunk® line of rifles.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the two 6×48 plug screws on the front of the receiver and the 6×32 screw and rear sight aperture, (peep sight), from the rear sight elevation bar.
  2. Loosen the rear sight elevation screw (on side of the receiver.)
  3. Place mount base in position and start the two front 6×48 screws and one rear 6×32 screw.
  4. Continue to fully tighten the front two screws. Then tighten the one rear screw.
  5. Maintain down pressure on mount and tighten the elevation screw.
  6. Install and tighten any standard 3/8″ tip-off rings and scope of your choice.


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