Crickett® LOP Spacer Kit


Use this LOP Spacer kit to adjust your length of pull on any Crickett® Synthetic Rifle

Allows the new shooter to shoulder the firearm for proper fit and positioning as they grow

This kit provides up to a full 1 1/2″ adjustment to your rifle for additional years of enjoyment

LOP Spacer Kits are available in all 5 colors: pink, tan, black, blue and purple

*NOTE: For use with Crickett® Synthetic Rifles ONLY.*


(2) Crickett® LOP Spacers

(2) Long Butt Plate Screws

(2) Short Butt Plate Screws

Instruction Card



Remove the butt plate

Use the 2 short screws with one spacer to increase your length of pull (LOP) by 3/4″.

Use the 2 long screws with both spacers to increase your LOP by 1 1/2″.

Re-attach the desired number of spacers with the butt plate and appropriate hardware to enjoy extended use out of your first rifle!

Spacer Color

Pink, Tan, Black, Blue, Purple


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