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  1. mail4ernie
    1 out of 5


    the front sight is made of plastic and it breaks where the single screw fastens it on . i am tired of fixing it . i have to replace it with a new one . the front sight is made of plastic and breaks where the single fastener screw goes through , every time . i just bought another crickett aluminum stock and the same thing happens again . there is no warrentee even on the new one . i will not be buying another crickett again . i will get a dozen custom made from magnesium aluminum from a machine shop to fix the ones i have . if it works i will patent them and sell them . so to sum it all up … they suck . they are worthless . they are junk .

    *Manager’s note: We apologize that you are having an issue with our front sights. They are warranted that if it is defective or breaks we will send a replacement or offer an upgrade to the Chipmunk metal front sight. If you would like to rectify this please contact us at 1-800-742-0455.*

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